Sunday, October 29, 2006

The span between life as we intended it and life as it is received is vast. Our true purpose is worked out in that gap. True joy is experienced when we live there, and not in our failed expectations. God is good to me all the time. Jesus Christ is our greatest treasure and nothing other than Him can fulfill our deepest longings.

Some highlights from reading this week

- "Every small triumph of my faith is designed for your refreshment and vice versa" John Piper in a sermon entitled "Resting and Wrestling for the Cause of Christ

- "Howsoever exceeding great and precious God's promises are, their realization, the possibility and condition of that realization, are based on prayer....these promises never brought hope to bloom or fruit to a prayerless heart....Prayer and promises are interdependent. The promise inspires and energizes prayer, but prayer locates the promise, and gives it realization and location." E.M. Bounds from The Possibilities of Prayer

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm deeply saddened by the stories I hear on a regular basis of women who are seriously struggling now because of things that have happened in their past. Families are a source of great strength but (more?) often of deep hurt. In the last few weeks I've heard stories or fathers who are unavailable or have never told children they are loved. Families who either communicated through silence or yelling, but nothing in between. Drug and alcohol abuse and its repercussions. Conditional love. Abuse. And these women God has placed in my life are broken. How do you help? Why is it not different in Christian families? I thank God for my family, who although far from perfect, have shown great depths in love in a myriad of ways. And although I am screwed up, it's not their fault! I also pray that if one day God blesses me with a family, He will give me grace to live out His love to those I imagine I will love the most.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


During a break during our staff meeting on Friday, we listened to this and just about died laughing (btw, I have the funnest staff team ever!). Check it out and listen to the very end, the remix is the best part.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Goodbye to my home of 27 years

This weekend was monumental. We packed up and left the place my family has lived since I was 8 months old. We moved from the house at the back of the property about 6 years ago to this house at the front (which used to be my grandparent's while we were at the back). That move wasn't as big, nor as difficult as this one has been - actually leaving the area altogether. It's hard to imagine not driving down 11th Street anymore, not opening my window to the sound of crickets and the smell of the grape harvest. Not lying on the trampoline or hammock and watching the stars, or having one of our infamous gasoline fueled bonfires that light up the block. Had my last game of frisbee, last swing on the swings, last twirl-till-you-get-dizzy on my brother's back. Suburbia - yuck.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Addicted to Lost

I was a skeptic about the show Lost, even after watching the first 2 episodes but it's official, I'm addicted. J.J. Abrams is brilliant. Props to Kolten for sending me the 2nd season already so I don't miss a beat once I finish season 1 (which shouldn't be too long at this pace). Normally I'm tired at this time of day but I'm in no danger of falling asleep anytime soon.

TV on DVD is better than regular TV anytime and often better than a movie.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


On the International Day of Prayer today, our Toronto staff team made a list of specific things God has done among us, all reasons to praise Him. It took 5 pages. Need I see more? I have been moved to tears (a couple of those times were during Summit) when I see what God is accomplishing in the lives of our beloved students and on our campuses. If I have never seen the need, power and joy of prayer, may it be so now.