Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Troubles on the Trail

About 30 seconds from my new apartment is the Beltline trail which I only discovered after moving there - and what a discovery its been! Crushed gravel, tree lined - doesn't feel like you're in a city at all. Tonight, I decided to take my newly tuned bike out for a ride. About as far away from home as I can get, my chain fell off. Now, I've fixed a few chains in my day and I wouldn't consider myself to be too stupid. I would also say that I'm fairly handy, or at least not totally useless. Well, I worked on that chain for about 20 minutes before giving up - I don't know what the problem is. The worst part is...

NO ONE STOPPED TO HELP ME. At least 20 people passed me by during that time and not one stopped and offered their help. What a sad commentary on humanity.

And to top it all off, I rode through dog crap at some point and now it's all stuck in the grooves of my tires. Sick. Clean up after your animals people!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spirit-filled living and computers - can they exist together? Please tell me how you do it you techies. Arg.

Today has been an exercise in frustration with more than just computers. I realize that the times I cry easiest are when I am frustrated and when I am touched by someone else's saddness (most often in movies, and sometimes even commercials!). Today I cried on the subway because of frustration. Hurray for new days and fresh beginnings.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Great Vacation with the girls - Mayne Island, BC

The most restful week ever. Thanks ladies for a great time!

On top of the world - Whistler, BC

Love these two pictures. They just scream, "Come join us, we're so cool."

Don't Judge

So what if my last blog was July 11, a mere 39 days ago? Really, does it matter? Well, probably because no one will read this anymore, having tired of going to a blog that still has pictures of skunks at the top. Do I blame you? Nope. Regardless, here are my worthy excuses in no particular order:
1. I was on vacation, meeting supporters and at conference/training in BC for 3 weeks with little or no internet access.
2. Immediately after returning I moved and am still without internet access. Props to my neighbour "bigal" for not making his wireless secure.
3. It's a little overwhelming to update on all that has happened since July 11 and therefore I have been hesitant to even begin.
From now on, I will be better. Although talking to Darren, he also made this empty promise and the lashback he has received has been staggering. So maybe I'll just say thanks to the faithful ones who actually still come to my blog. I will welcome myself back to the blogging world.