Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm deeply saddened by the stories I hear on a regular basis of women who are seriously struggling now because of things that have happened in their past. Families are a source of great strength but (more?) often of deep hurt. In the last few weeks I've heard stories or fathers who are unavailable or have never told children they are loved. Families who either communicated through silence or yelling, but nothing in between. Drug and alcohol abuse and its repercussions. Conditional love. Abuse. And these women God has placed in my life are broken. How do you help? Why is it not different in Christian families? I thank God for my family, who although far from perfect, have shown great depths in love in a myriad of ways. And although I am screwed up, it's not their fault! I also pray that if one day God blesses me with a family, He will give me grace to live out His love to those I imagine I will love the most.


Blogger Kelley Anne said...

hey j, thought of your blog today while meeting with a female student who's struggling. thanks for the brave blog.

4:42 p.m.  

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